Sunday, December 16, 2007

lousy usability

It’s been a sufficiently long time since something was written. But I’m now pissed enough to pen down vexations to get world view.

Here goes:

*** Why are the cab drivers in Mumbai getting debased by the day? I’m so wary of getting taking a cab from the airport – because they will invariably over-charge you. I keep a copy of the tariff card – and over the last 3 rides from the airport to home, they’ve asked me to pay DOUBLE! The slimy thing is – they’ll start the meter honestly enough, when they’re near a cop at the airport, but by the time they drive you to the destination, it is assumed that since you’ve taken a flight into the city, you’re rich and gullible enough to pay whatever they demand.

No thank you sir. Each time I have refused, and tendered exact fare. Last night, the cabbie told me that since I can’t pay what he wants, I should start traveling by autorikshaws.

God, I want to take them to the police station.

*** The lowest IQ-ed people – are employed by large retailers. Walk into any mall, any shop – from Pantaloons to Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle to Spencers – they all employ idiots.

Forget courteous service, these folks don’t know their brands, their products and their systems. So you get to the cash counter, and there’s no barcode on your shirt. It takes 20 minutes for them to figure this challenging task. By that time, I decide that I don’t really want that shirt.

At the lingerie section – do they have a particular size of brassiere? No ma’am, but try this other size. Lady – it is all about the right size – my size – so you either have it or you don’t. But ma’am we don’t make this size at Etam. Right – this luxurious, expensive French company is still making products for European women and selling them India. Or I think, soon, not selling in India.

*** A box of jute bags selling at a large grocery store opposite Churchgate. The bag says ‘Use recyclable bags, avoid plastic’. Great idea. Except that each of these jute bags is safely ensconced inside a transparent plastic bag.

*** The indicator says 12 coach train. The announcement through the loudspeaker says 12 coach train. Even as the train pulls in, neither the indicator nor the loudspeaker announcement changes its stance. I miss it - it is a 9 coach train, the ladies first class coach stops else where, the platform is too crowded to make a 100 meter dash. The train pulls out. The announcement continues – 12 coach train.

I'm not done yet. There's more to come. Unfortunately.

Monday, November 05, 2007


i wish i could do this. all i can do is 500 regular skips. and not in a row - about 100 at a time.

why aren't there more folks in india doing this? why are we such a lazy country?

i hate to ask rhetorical questions - but we are. walk down on marine drive - and you'll see children walking, 30 year olds sitting and everybody's eating. there'll be one odd soul running, you'll hardly see any one cycling. just lots of big cars and bigger arses hogging the tiny strip of island. looks like SRK would end up being an idol here too. sigh...

people - get moving!

Friday, November 02, 2007

where does the time go?

oooooooh the pleasure of writing after 7 beers. It has been so long. Since there was a blank canvas, a will to write and no pressure to write.

Some one observed a while ago that my life must be well, now that I’ve been writing more as a result of observations around (reactionary even if it were or influenced by given media surrounding us) and not about personal angst.

Ah well, I would like not to disappoint them, but this post I think will end up being more about myself than about anything else.


Blame it on the beer. There was a song that said blame it on the rain. Never caught on, I think.

So now is the point – what is it about? It can be about a seemingly racy novel I read a week ago. The Road to Gandalfo. For a long time I couldn’t figure out what Gandalfo was – by the time I did, I figured the 30 bucks I spent on it wasn’t worth it.

It could be about the November issue of Wired magazine. But I haven’t yet bought it.

It could be about love that is found, not lost but neither fulfilled. Or is it the journey that is the destination in this case too. They should tell that to us in the beginning. We’d be wiser. And perhaps less greedy?

Like the deadheads say…

It's the same story the crow told me;
It's the only one he knows.
Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go.
Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait,
Woh - oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

no smell, no taste

I spend my day hunching over my PowerBook, suddenly, pop, my ears open, one side of my nose decides to let be, and I can hear the humming of the air conditioner and the smell the ripe guava on my table. But only for a second. It all goes blank soon.

I think I'll never be able to partake in a wine appreciation workshop. Even without the snobs, the subtle taste of musty leather and oak tannins will be wasted on me. I'll just get used to ordering a bottle of red wine at 7% above the median price range and pretend I'm so chic that i happily experiment with my food & w.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

slimmer kilo

Yup. That's the way it goes. The official kilo (118 year old ball of metal secured at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) has slimmed down by 50 micrograms.

As one who's in search for the perfect weight loss solution...this one goes a long way...

clipped from

Has the kilogram gone on a diet? Maybe. For some reason, the official kilo — a 118-year-old lump of metal stored in a vault at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures outside Paris — has slimmed down by as much as 50 micrograms in the past century. The solution? Build a better kilogram. Researchers at the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization are cutting, grinding, and polishing a boule — a big crystal — of ultrapure silicon 28 into two baseball-sized spheres (one is for double-checking). Materials scientists are able to measure precisely how many atoms of that silicon isotope are in any given hunk (the completed orb should contain 215 x 1023 atoms). Creating "the roundest object in the world," says CSIRO engineer Katie Green, means technicians have to worry about only one dimension: diameter. Once finished, it will weigh a perfect kilogram. Give or take an atom.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


It’s nice.

It’s fairly true to itself.

It’s about girls playing a sport.

And, it’s not about SRK stealing the show.

Chak De. I enjoyed the movie, honestly. The characters are very well etched; the cast is brilliant and honest to their personas. The group of girls – young, fit and real. SRK – mellow, understated and umm…likable.

In my mind, the movie scores over Iqbal. One - because it is not about cricket, it is about hockey. And two - because it is about a team. A team playing together. Cricket, even though there are 11 guys in the team, is still phenomenally individual led – my opinion of course. Especially so in India. Iqbal, was about Iqbal the player. It is always a Tendulkar, or a Dravid, or a Kumble or a Ganguli. Where did we loose the team?

Very often it hits a chord you’re familiar with. India Pakistan matches. Muslim players – playing for us or them? Girls, Women in sports – in India – why bother? The grimy politics of sports, the essential thing that works against sportsmanship. Individual glory versus the team’s goal. But none of these issues are overpowering and work in tandem towards narrating the story. And the winner is, of course, the game. Which is how it always should be.

My favourite part is the girls. Girls playing hockey. It is a pleasure to see Indian women/girls play. There are not enough of us out there – running, skipping, cycling, playing, sweating – fighting, falling, hurting, running again – losing, coming back to play and winning.

We need more of this. We need more of sports.

Long time ago, Nike came out with this commercial. It is so true, and we need it so much here in India. Press Play.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bollywood & Business

Today’s Economic Times has Ms Chopra as the guest editor for a section titled ‘Business of Bollywood’, and as the point that’s been hammered across, at 25 years she’s the youngest guest editor yet.

Two. Are the issues I have here. The first is ‘youngest’. But that’s understandable. At any age post 30, one ceases to be young, at least by various measurement standards. There’s all this talk about you’re as young as you think– but that’s a pure feel good hogwash. Because in any classical counting deliberation, you’ll be not categorized with the young. The below 25 year olds who seemingly hold the key to the future of the country. Nope, at even a single year more that 30 you cease to belong to that future.

Unless of course you’re keen on joining the political theatre in India. There, at even 54 years, you’re undeniably part of the youth wing. It is only the septuagenarian plus who make it to the cabinet level. This however, is a digression and justifies an entire post to its own.

My second issue is Ms Chopra. To be precise it is more to do with her being the guest editor at the aforementioned paper. At first glance I was almost dismissive, but then decided to read it just to prove myself right.

As it happens, I may have to retract my thoughts.

The two pages on Business of Bollywood – nicely done. It certainly has more to with who & what was featured there – and if Ms Chopra had a genuine part to play there – then seriously – nicely done.

The two most usual suspects of Bollywood were interviewed – Mr. SR Khan & Mr. Johar. And I’m the first to admit, while I am hardly a fan of their cinema – the messrs are good. They’re sharp, intelligent & very, very savvy towards the media. Both SRK & KJ are charmingly honest & disarmingly dismissive about themselves. In what I believe to be an extremely well planned manner.

Their views about ‘corporatization of Bollywood’ are candid and well thought out. KJ muses:


…corporates — UTV or Adlabs, Percept or Eros, Reliance or Reliance Adlabs — have to eventually get their act together creatively. They have to employ the right kind of people who can choose the right screenplays…

Pretty much true I’d say. Signing a Hrithik Roshan for uncountable crores of rupees sounds like a manufacturing conveyer belt. And art, while definitely a form of business, is fundamentally a creative process. Templatize it and you lose it.

Yet, for all their creative impunity, as it were, they are rooted in reality. SRK shoots straight from the shoulder:


…I would like to keep making films with my own money if I can afford to. I have made six films so far, three flops, two were average and one is still to be released. I have just about survived…But till my next flop I will be independent as a producer. If I flop, I will go to one of those Reliance shiliance.

Oooh I love the Reliance Shiliance! I’d root for him over ADA any day!

KJ plainspeakingly dismisses Bollywood ever making it big in North America.


...Let’s have no illusion. We can never dominate the North American market. Let’s not expect that the non-Asian audiences will watch our films. UK does to a point, as the association goes back a long way. If we think our movies are going to get 6,000 screen releases in North America, it ain’t happening...

I agree. We don’t need to. For all its millions of dollars, we have our own audiences & they’re growing. In taste, in niches, in experiences.

I’m increasingly becoming a fan of KJ’s easy charm and self deprecating humor. You don’t come across such people often, those who can laugh at themselves. My favourite one was when in the first episode of the second season of Koffee with Karan, KJ takes a break while chatting with pals Rani Mukherjee, Kajol & SRK and signs off saying they’re in conversation with the king & queens of Bollywood, and he’s not talking about himself!

Oh he’s such a princess!

Puns aside, the final product inside the ET pages is pretty worthy. Though as an individual I initially resented (harsh word, but I'm trying to disarmingly honest!) Priyanka Chopra being there, I guess it was a job well done. Come to think of it, if KJ has already been a guest editor for BoB, SRK has done the honours with TOI, that doesn't leave the newspaper with too many options from Bollywood for the job, does it?

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

companies, brands, promises, internet

Two interesting, though seemingly different, links were sent to me in a period of 24 hours.

The first one - Digitally Deficient CMOs

We are moving toward a marketing world that is driven by a direct-marketing opt-in, predictive modeling and tracking approach. Marketing in the future will not be about the masses but about understanding micro-segments of customers and using tools that enable marketing to get more granular and take campaigns to a one-to-one level.

While it is true, and becoming Digitally Savvy to seamlessly understand and market to the ‘Digital Natives’ is of prime importance, these CMOs & their companies continue to remain untrue to the basic promise of the brand or the product. There is a yawning gap between what is promised and what is finally delivered.

Take UniWorldCityGGaon and his video that has been doing the rounds of the Internet for the last 3 weeks, and recently CNBC picked it up & broadcasted it.

The video’s been viewed almost 3000 times on YouTube - It is not a movement yet, but a revolution doesn’t take time. And this is not a stray case. There are enough examples of customer dissatisfaction, poor product quality, non-existent services, all the while we’re pretty much bullied into paying exorbitantly for ‘brand premium’ or for the experience & not just for just the brand. Very often, the experience only turns you off.

Sometimes people come through, sometimes they don’t. I’d like to keep a track of this and see if this changes anything for the building society and its people.

More power to you, people.

PS – I took permission from UniWorldCityGGaon to post the video on my blog. He agreed and I must add that his intentions are not to raise a scandal, but to be able to make a real difference. He mailed me and I quote - Please go ahead. Do keep it polite and factual please. Lets not shout at the darkness, but be a light unto yourself and others. Jai Gandhigiri during the Bapu's birthday year. God bless.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the beast & the beauty

There’s something heartening to write about, and then another one – is simply outrĂ©.

The latter first.

It is Ms Shetty again. I know, I know – I shouldn’t be doing this. I should ignore it. But I’m amused. And very cynically so – if it is possible to have such a curry of emotions. Pun very much intended.

An honorary doctorate Leeds Metropolitan University.

For participating in a second rate, commercial, spiced up, ratings crazy, appealing to the lowest-iq-denominator audience television show?

Outstanding contribution to cultural diversity and good relations between the peoples of United Kingdom and India.

Excuse me, while I choke.

Erm…Dr Shetty, honoris causa ad gradum.

A school of thought fears that the number of non-academic Phd holders may surpass academic Phd holders. Imagine – a world where there are more Shilpa Shetties than Amartya Sens. *Shiver*

On a more encouraging observation…

While on a suburban train last evening, I saw a young pretty girl, dressed simply in jeans and a shirt, carrying a large red box that said Kingfisher Cabin Crew Training Manual’. The girl alighted at Kandivli, along with another lady who was probably her mother and they walked away towards home I guess.

Nothing spectacularly unusual, but it was an agreeable sight. This simple girl would soon be flying the skies, confidently addressing people, dressed well, earning good money, firmly and surely on her way towards independence.

It is nice to see middle India become independent, confident and pursuing new and bold careers, creating better lives for themselves.

Like Jacques says, the young (youth) in India today are a good lot. Cheerful, ambitious, positive and assured folks.

This is why it is a great time to be here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Networking Issues

Once upon a time…

…a headhunter/placement agent called me and asked me if I’m interested in working for one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the country.

Sure, why not. Is what any regular, reasonably ambitious individual would say.

I don’t know about being regular or ambitious – but I thought to myself, this don’t sound bad, so let’s give it a try.

So phone calls are made, resumes are emailed, and finally an interview is set up. No ordinary interview, this is video conferencing, if you please. I’m in Delhi, the job’s in Bombay – but work needs to get done and since we’re in the business of communications in an era where broadband is the buzz word – a video conference-d interview is as easy as saying, say…, Reliance Web World.

Ah, while technology doesn’t fail you always, companies & people often do.

I arrived that the agreed cyber café, 15 minutes before time and waited in the conference room. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes went by but our esteemed and fast growing company did not call. Video, phone or text. No communication. No noise. Nothing. Nada.

So, that’s 2 hours of my life over. Time I will never get back. I’d like this company to apologise for wasting my time. It’s going to be 24 hours now, not a peep from them. Did I mention they’re the largest, fastest growing media entertainment communications company in the country today?

C’mon folks – your website says – …we have no greater asset than the quality of our intellectual capital…we recognise the critical role that our people play in the success and growth of each of our businesses’

‘Our transparent HR policies and robust processes are driven by a single overarching objective: To attract, nurture, grow and retain the best leadership talent in every sector and industry is which we operate.’

Sounds pretty much hollow to me. The company can’t even be bothered to ensure that an interview gets conducted, and if for some reason if it doesn’t, no one communicates that to the candidate. We’re one of the largest companies in India. We don’t care two hoots about being professional. So what if an inconsequential middle management being spent a couple of hours waiting for us to call her.

And this will continue to be the problem with Indian family grown businesses. No respect for other people.

Anyways, life goes on. But like I told the headhunter (who I must add was very apologetic and understanding) to tell these big folks, I’m not interested in taking this interview ever again. And by the way, I’m done buying any of Reliance ADAG products & services. Thoda communication problem hai.

Monday, June 18, 2007

eat the menu

It all started with Blueberries.

He meant blackberry. Except that he can never get it right. Every time he has to say blackberry – as in the telecom service – he says blueberry. He’s always thinking of the blueberry muffin. Which is obviously more delicious & haunting than emails on your cell phone.

While the evening progresses towards a spot or three pegs of a preferred liquor, with diet mixers of course, the highlight essentially is Seekh Kebabs with Rumali Roti. Succulent kebabs that melted in my mouth. Accompanied with kachha pyaaz that have chaat masala sprinkled on. What a lip smacking idea, indigenous only to the food devoted Punjabi kinsfolk. At the corner end of the room, three strapping young Punjabi men order their chicken, kaali daal and lots of it. To be washed down with ThumsUp. Ah. A reviving sight, if there ever was.
It took me 6 seconds to take the picture. And it took the hearty young men 3 seconds to empty their TU bottles to 3/4th. Why don’t we see more of ThumsUp?

And then to the reason we’re there. It’s 11.30 in the night and there’s a queue. It’s not a hip lounge we’re trying to enter. Right at the corner below a well-known restaurant, street vendor Sonu sells the most amazing kulfi ever. Kulfi. With Falooda. And a dash Khewda. But there’s only a couple more left & we beg him – all the way from Bombay – please – just one plate. Luckily we manage to get 2 plates, I was loathe to sharing my kulfi. Sonu sells about 250 plates of kulfi a day. At 40 bucks a piece, that’s 10,000 bucks a night. I think I’d like to become his franchisee – opposed as I am to chains, this one I’d like to be a part of.

And now for some paan. Delicious, meetha paan, that can bring colour to a rotten day and make a first class evening perfect. Tonight was an encore to wrap up a memorable concert.

Nothing comes close to a great meal with an old friend. That’s another tally mark for the good times.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

burning eyes

what you feel
if it is not perceived
does it mean it is not true

your folly

to feel a lone connection
to something


unknown it is for today

morrow may not be born

all you know is what you feel

and to whom do you talk?

is there anyone you will believe?

the power of one. does it exist?

an epiphany. or just a juxtaposition of words after an adulterated altered consciousness.

limited as it may be, but defines you

the truth

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sometimes you go to a party because it’s an official invite. You may think it will be interesting to meet the current flavour of Bollywood, but you basically agree to go because there may be an open bar.

Even though the wine is cheap and the weather sultry (there’s no sign of the flavour till the end of the do), the evening becomes worth it because of a few snatches of conversations that you overhear.

While waiting for your turn at the bar – a generously rotund man tells the gentleman who’s handing him an overfilled glass of red wine, “Yeh nakko, humko daaru peena hai”.

Mind you folks, this is no regular junta – but the truth it is. The Indian male will drink an occasional glass of wine if you insist plenty, but the bulk of his kicks will come from daaru, especially if the booze is free & flowing and in a 5-Star lawn.

At 11 PM on Kandivli station overhead bridge – a boy in his late teens talking on his cell phone, “…arre, Pirates ka picture hai, ekdum accha hai. Johnny Depp hai.”

(The response from the other end, you’re not privy too)

Johnny Depp yaar, best actor hai woh. Tu Shah Rukh to jaanta hai na? Shah Rukh accha hai, lekin Johnny Depp sabse best actor hai.”

Woh bilkul alag alag role karta hai. Uske picture ka CD hai mere paas, main deta hai tereko. Libertine hai, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hai – yeh comedy hai. Finding Neverland hai, lekin shayad uska CD kharab hai – waise yeh serious movie hai tujhe accha nahi lagega. Pirates ka bhi CD hai – haan tu woh dekhle…

If you happen to cross this guy on the road, you’d never guess his movie preferences. The young folks have access to a width of choices – the long tail is here, slowly but surely.

In a local train at peak morning hour from Borivli to Churchate – a girl in a bright green salwar kameez to her friend, “…theek lag raha hai na? ajeeb to nahi?”

The friend nods in approval.

While alighting at Churchgate, the girl gathers her bags and asks another friend, “…sach bol na, yeh dress theek hai na?

You continue to wonder what the big deal about the salwar kameez is. Then you snatch the last part of the conversation – “…yeh green colour Muslim type to nahi lag raha na?

You don’t wait to hear the response. Sadly, this is one hangover middle class India still hasn’t gotten over – shining, emerging or whatever else it may be…

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pranjali - Pop Art-ed!

Surf's Up!

Last May, I met some people over some surf, a lovely dinner and a crazy evening of Buckfast & beer. And it would not be overstating if I said that I had the best time ever after a long, long time.

Though I’d never met David, I attended his 2nd death anniversary in Blacksod.

His friends & family get together every year and have a surfing competition on this day – David loved to surf. So his friends, wherever they are, whichever part of the world, come home to Blacksod to surf, pray & party – to celebrate David & his love for life. There is no better way to remember some one. I was amazed at the thought. It is a remarkable way to live & love life.

I knew only P & O - they’d invited me and introduced me to the lovely ways of the Irish. But by the end of the weekend, I felt I’d known everyone for years & drinking Buckfast was second nature! Not a good idea, that Buckfast one though!

I got a mail from P today – they’re off this coming weekend for David’s anniversary. To P – I really want to be there. I’ll miss you & everybody else. I’d fallen so in love with Blacksod, although its summery breeze would chill my bones (despite the fact that I was ensconced in layers of clothing in the middle of May!).


It has been a year & much has happened, some joy, some sorrow. The grains in the hourglass flow quickly and create a blinding haze. And one forgets that one has to live, not just exist.

To quote Marcus AureliusRemember that no man loses any other life than this which he now lives, nor lives any other than this which he now loses.

But all you need to remember is that the ocean’s warm and beckoning and...Surf’s Up!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


My grandfather's picture - Andy Warhol-ed!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We Do?

Here's a thought. Lets get matrimonial sites to search for the perfect M-I-L instead of the right man.

Somethings we already know:

1. All men are mama's boys.
2. Mom's the final choice maker. She don't like, well, the chances are the lad won't like either.
3. Face it, Ekta Kapoor's got her finger on one pulse for a while - your M-I-L can really change your life.

Go to a wedding, and you'll see the groom's mum in her fancy best. And if she really approves of you, the rock on your finger will be almost as big as the bling on her.

The bride's sisters will always check the M-I-L out. Her saree, her jewelry, her high heels...the saree, the jewelry, the heels that she gets for her daughter-in-law. Is she okay with the daughter-in-law moving around at home in a spaghetti & shorts? Is she okay if her bahu sleeps till late on Sundays?

Matrimonial websites should get these factors upfront. Makes our decision so much easier & our life will be more like how we want it to be.

The perfect man is a myth. The perfect M-I-L can be a reality.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

53 and going down

It is one of those things that I must write down. Just to insure that I follow it.

Target – 48 kgs. Current – 53 kgs.

No alcohol for one month. Unless the company is exemplary and its red wine.

I’m attending a wedding this coming week. I will be very, very disciplined.

Eat sensibly. PLEASE!

- Giving up my morning coffee for a cup of Twinings Green Tea. The digestive biscuit stays.

Reward. 50.5 kgs by end of 3 weeks (May 12).
A pair of bright coloured shoes from Lacoste.

Or perhaps a pair of wrap around shades?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Get by with a little help...

Technology they say is the (?) facilitator.

They talk about Googlezon.

While some others talk about who’s afraid of Google.

I’ll tell you what I’d like. Sure it’s mostly because I’m lazy, messy and really well, lazy.

I’m not interested in having a social relationship with my refrigerator that sends me texts informing me that the milk is over. And about using my cell phone to program my home theatre system to record the next episode of Prison Break. So last season.

What I really need is a find function. Everything that I buy/borrow & bring into my house, I’d like Google to tag it and feed it into ‘my paraphernalia’ database. So the next time I’m unable to locate my black spaghetti T, all I need to do is ⌘ F – and type ‘spaghetti, black’. And behold, I have all I need for a memorable evening.

The citation from Wired I need for a presentation in office - ⌘ F – and the magazines and books I own get searched for the reference.

Needed most critically, the ⌘ Z function. In my life.

Monday, March 12, 2007

my grandfather at 91

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One wedding, parents and a holiday

Ready, get, set...

...and go!

half way up!

almost there!

and this is how we pluck those coconuts!

a sunny afternoon well spent

coconut and bread & jam in the backwaters

moulded snake skin at tiger prawn farm

contemplating the Trivandrum beach (Indian Ocean is it?)

thru' the village backwaters near kollam

making of a boat

more of making of a boat

by the tiger prawn farm

fresh coconuts in exotic india

end of day's work

outside a temple

age is thy name

a girl falls down

girl in red, at the beach

school girls play around

3 men and an anchor

boys at alleppey beach

metal on the beach

pandit on the beach

all dressed up

my mom wants this picture deleted

pretty red boat

mom in morning light

mom reading Wired in a houseboat in kerala

sunset at vembanad lake

anchoring the houseboat

man, after his day's work

the sun's behind the palm trees

windows on the houseboat

and life goes on...

god's own country continues

off to work...

on a pretty red boat again...
sailor with an umberella - Vembanad lake

watching the world like a tv?

god's own country - part 1

could life get better?

some bit o' hard work

ghosts of dead trees at Periyar lake

sambhar bones!

tired of rowing

light & shadow at Periyar office

light & shadow at periyar office with a human element

contemplating the tuskar

bamboo rafts at periyar lake

periyar lake

monkey and the man

athirapally falls

school kids at the athirapally falls

monkey & the mango

my brother behind a jaali

my brother behind a jaali again