Thursday, April 26, 2007

We Do?

Here's a thought. Lets get matrimonial sites to search for the perfect M-I-L instead of the right man.

Somethings we already know:

1. All men are mama's boys.
2. Mom's the final choice maker. She don't like, well, the chances are the lad won't like either.
3. Face it, Ekta Kapoor's got her finger on one pulse for a while - your M-I-L can really change your life.

Go to a wedding, and you'll see the groom's mum in her fancy best. And if she really approves of you, the rock on your finger will be almost as big as the bling on her.

The bride's sisters will always check the M-I-L out. Her saree, her jewelry, her high heels...the saree, the jewelry, the heels that she gets for her daughter-in-law. Is she okay with the daughter-in-law moving around at home in a spaghetti & shorts? Is she okay if her bahu sleeps till late on Sundays?

Matrimonial websites should get these factors upfront. Makes our decision so much easier & our life will be more like how we want it to be.

The perfect man is a myth. The perfect M-I-L can be a reality.


Anonymous said...

The perfect man or the perfect MIL are both false notions.

Just as false as the notion of a perfect horse or a co-operative lion. There are, however, good riders and skilled lion tamers.

Two With Nature said...

Hello anonymous,

Yes - that's a point well made!

Thanks for having a read.


Jack said...

Until the day there's a perfect matrimonial site, or till the evening there's a perfect first meeting between the tea-serving bride-to-be and the arrogant groom-in-waiting or his hawk-eyed parents, you just have to remeber that life is not a dress rehearsal for some other big show. This is it - there is just one life in which one can be happily unmarried or happily married.