Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Surf's Up!

Last May, I met some people over some surf, a lovely dinner and a crazy evening of Buckfast & beer. And it would not be overstating if I said that I had the best time ever after a long, long time.

Though I’d never met David, I attended his 2nd death anniversary in Blacksod.

His friends & family get together every year and have a surfing competition on this day – David loved to surf. So his friends, wherever they are, whichever part of the world, come home to Blacksod to surf, pray & party – to celebrate David & his love for life. There is no better way to remember some one. I was amazed at the thought. It is a remarkable way to live & love life.

I knew only P & O - they’d invited me and introduced me to the lovely ways of the Irish. But by the end of the weekend, I felt I’d known everyone for years & drinking Buckfast was second nature! Not a good idea, that Buckfast one though!

I got a mail from P today – they’re off this coming weekend for David’s anniversary. To P – I really want to be there. I’ll miss you & everybody else. I’d fallen so in love with Blacksod, although its summery breeze would chill my bones (despite the fact that I was ensconced in layers of clothing in the middle of May!).


It has been a year & much has happened, some joy, some sorrow. The grains in the hourglass flow quickly and create a blinding haze. And one forgets that one has to live, not just exist.

To quote Marcus AureliusRemember that no man loses any other life than this which he now lives, nor lives any other than this which he now loses.

But all you need to remember is that the ocean’s warm and beckoning and...Surf’s Up!


Pranjali said...

Oh Artiii..
read your blog - and got inspired to post the following comment- which
my mac laptop refused to post for some reason..so u plz do the needful

Lat week, i attended a book reading event in Galway. A tiny happy
chubby woman giggled her way to the stage, half embarassed, half
thrilled. Her eyes twinkled unmistakably through her oversized
spectacles as she blushed.

She nervously opened her first ever book - on the first ever public
reading of it at the Galway literature Festival. It was called Stolen

AS she read page after page - a chill passed through the auditorium,
an absolute chill, disbelief and lasting overwhelming love.

The writer was Sunny Jacob - a woman who along with her partner was
wrongly accused of murder in America and jailed for 20 years. If the
guilty man hadnt confessed. she would still be in there - but her
partner who also spent the same time in jail, separated from her, was
executed shortly before the confession was made.

She is out and free - and now lives in Galway. The US State gave her
no compensation.

But she says, " i have decided to compensate myself - by having a
beautiful life ".

Arti - perhaps you and i found the same glimpse of love for live on
the beach that day..
i will be thinking of you again, a year later, missing you like mad!

think i will give buckfast a miss though..


Deepti said...

I just read your blogs yet another time and I totally want to visit P in Ireland next year hopefully during the time of the year which is spoken of with so much vigour.

It was nice meeting you both last evening, jus like you concluded as well...

love you both

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