Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Get by with a little help...

Technology they say is the (?) facilitator.

They talk about Googlezon.

While some others talk about who’s afraid of Google.

I’ll tell you what I’d like. Sure it’s mostly because I’m lazy, messy and really well, lazy.

I’m not interested in having a social relationship with my refrigerator that sends me texts informing me that the milk is over. And about using my cell phone to program my home theatre system to record the next episode of Prison Break. So last season.

What I really need is a find function. Everything that I buy/borrow & bring into my house, I’d like Google to tag it and feed it into ‘my paraphernalia’ database. So the next time I’m unable to locate my black spaghetti T, all I need to do is ⌘ F – and type ‘spaghetti, black’. And behold, I have all I need for a memorable evening.

The citation from Wired I need for a presentation in office - ⌘ F – and the magazines and books I own get searched for the reference.

Needed most critically, the ⌘ Z function. In my life.