Saturday, April 28, 2007


My grandfather's picture - Andy Warhol-ed!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We Do?

Here's a thought. Lets get matrimonial sites to search for the perfect M-I-L instead of the right man.

Somethings we already know:

1. All men are mama's boys.
2. Mom's the final choice maker. She don't like, well, the chances are the lad won't like either.
3. Face it, Ekta Kapoor's got her finger on one pulse for a while - your M-I-L can really change your life.

Go to a wedding, and you'll see the groom's mum in her fancy best. And if she really approves of you, the rock on your finger will be almost as big as the bling on her.

The bride's sisters will always check the M-I-L out. Her saree, her jewelry, her high heels...the saree, the jewelry, the heels that she gets for her daughter-in-law. Is she okay with the daughter-in-law moving around at home in a spaghetti & shorts? Is she okay if her bahu sleeps till late on Sundays?

Matrimonial websites should get these factors upfront. Makes our decision so much easier & our life will be more like how we want it to be.

The perfect man is a myth. The perfect M-I-L can be a reality.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

53 and going down

It is one of those things that I must write down. Just to insure that I follow it.

Target – 48 kgs. Current – 53 kgs.

No alcohol for one month. Unless the company is exemplary and its red wine.

I’m attending a wedding this coming week. I will be very, very disciplined.

Eat sensibly. PLEASE!

- Giving up my morning coffee for a cup of Twinings Green Tea. The digestive biscuit stays.

Reward. 50.5 kgs by end of 3 weeks (May 12).
A pair of bright coloured shoes from Lacoste.

Or perhaps a pair of wrap around shades?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Get by with a little help...

Technology they say is the (?) facilitator.

They talk about Googlezon.

While some others talk about who’s afraid of Google.

I’ll tell you what I’d like. Sure it’s mostly because I’m lazy, messy and really well, lazy.

I’m not interested in having a social relationship with my refrigerator that sends me texts informing me that the milk is over. And about using my cell phone to program my home theatre system to record the next episode of Prison Break. So last season.

What I really need is a find function. Everything that I buy/borrow & bring into my house, I’d like Google to tag it and feed it into ‘my paraphernalia’ database. So the next time I’m unable to locate my black spaghetti T, all I need to do is ⌘ F – and type ‘spaghetti, black’. And behold, I have all I need for a memorable evening.

The citation from Wired I need for a presentation in office - ⌘ F – and the magazines and books I own get searched for the reference.

Needed most critically, the ⌘ Z function. In my life.