Sunday, March 14, 2010

a momentary glance of eternity

The summer sun graciously gives way to the night blue sky. There’s a fair riot of colours far away on the horizon as they get on with their greetings and good byes.

Burly waves splash on to the shore in a calming cadence. There’s beer on every table. The bride and the groom have just had their pictures taken for posterity.  If it were not for the baggage you came with, you'd be forgiven for assuming there's tranquility in the offing.

And then suddenly from nowhere, like a military coup, everything changes. The breeze hints it is not going to be so gentle for long. Lightning strikes the navy blue sky; momentarily cracking the stratosphere, letting a tantalizing glimpse into what might be the world beyond. There’s the sound of thunder rolling, much like a percussionist testing bass drums.

Palm trees stand steady on their trunks, but their leaves open out, swaying in the rhythm of the wind first and then opening their arms to embrace the rain. The earth sighs, and the parched mud thirstily sponges the first thick drops of water.

It is a little bit raw. It is completely pure.

It is mesmerizingly beautiful.

One Saturday evening by the ocean in Colombo.

I cannot hear my own thoughts. I’m soaking wet. To have witnessed time stand still for a fraction of a second and then walk by, I can't but ask for anything more.

Monday, March 01, 2010

still running

the delicate imbalance of the trail
running towards the perfect rainbow
in step with unchained thoughts
searching for an an echo

the hesitant thrill
of letting tomorrow explore 
i can feel the scars heal
all that you want can be yours

yes, i'm still running