Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sometimes you go to a party because it’s an official invite. You may think it will be interesting to meet the current flavour of Bollywood, but you basically agree to go because there may be an open bar.

Even though the wine is cheap and the weather sultry (there’s no sign of the flavour till the end of the do), the evening becomes worth it because of a few snatches of conversations that you overhear.

While waiting for your turn at the bar – a generously rotund man tells the gentleman who’s handing him an overfilled glass of red wine, “Yeh nakko, humko daaru peena hai”.

Mind you folks, this is no regular junta – but the truth it is. The Indian male will drink an occasional glass of wine if you insist plenty, but the bulk of his kicks will come from daaru, especially if the booze is free & flowing and in a 5-Star lawn.

At 11 PM on Kandivli station overhead bridge – a boy in his late teens talking on his cell phone, “…arre, Pirates ka picture hai, ekdum accha hai. Johnny Depp hai.”

(The response from the other end, you’re not privy too)

Johnny Depp yaar, best actor hai woh. Tu Shah Rukh to jaanta hai na? Shah Rukh accha hai, lekin Johnny Depp sabse best actor hai.”

Woh bilkul alag alag role karta hai. Uske picture ka CD hai mere paas, main deta hai tereko. Libertine hai, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hai – yeh comedy hai. Finding Neverland hai, lekin shayad uska CD kharab hai – waise yeh serious movie hai tujhe accha nahi lagega. Pirates ka bhi CD hai – haan tu woh dekhle…

If you happen to cross this guy on the road, you’d never guess his movie preferences. The young folks have access to a width of choices – the long tail is here, slowly but surely.

In a local train at peak morning hour from Borivli to Churchate – a girl in a bright green salwar kameez to her friend, “…theek lag raha hai na? ajeeb to nahi?”

The friend nods in approval.

While alighting at Churchgate, the girl gathers her bags and asks another friend, “…sach bol na, yeh dress theek hai na?

You continue to wonder what the big deal about the salwar kameez is. Then you snatch the last part of the conversation – “…yeh green colour Muslim type to nahi lag raha na?

You don’t wait to hear the response. Sadly, this is one hangover middle class India still hasn’t gotten over – shining, emerging or whatever else it may be…

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pranjali - Pop Art-ed!

Surf's Up!

Last May, I met some people over some surf, a lovely dinner and a crazy evening of Buckfast & beer. And it would not be overstating if I said that I had the best time ever after a long, long time.

Though I’d never met David, I attended his 2nd death anniversary in Blacksod.

His friends & family get together every year and have a surfing competition on this day – David loved to surf. So his friends, wherever they are, whichever part of the world, come home to Blacksod to surf, pray & party – to celebrate David & his love for life. There is no better way to remember some one. I was amazed at the thought. It is a remarkable way to live & love life.

I knew only P & O - they’d invited me and introduced me to the lovely ways of the Irish. But by the end of the weekend, I felt I’d known everyone for years & drinking Buckfast was second nature! Not a good idea, that Buckfast one though!

I got a mail from P today – they’re off this coming weekend for David’s anniversary. To P – I really want to be there. I’ll miss you & everybody else. I’d fallen so in love with Blacksod, although its summery breeze would chill my bones (despite the fact that I was ensconced in layers of clothing in the middle of May!).


It has been a year & much has happened, some joy, some sorrow. The grains in the hourglass flow quickly and create a blinding haze. And one forgets that one has to live, not just exist.

To quote Marcus AureliusRemember that no man loses any other life than this which he now lives, nor lives any other than this which he now loses.

But all you need to remember is that the ocean’s warm and beckoning and...Surf’s Up!