Saturday, July 17, 2010

I don't do iPhones

There is nothing better than a moment of inspiration.This bursting desire to be creatively bulimic by hurling out the frustrations of your day.

So today, it is my turn.

My day wasn't exactly what could be described as perfect. Alleged happiness (of other people), rose tinted glasses (worn, again, by other people), and realisation that the honeymoon might be over (that would be yours truly), may have something to do with it.

So where does one focus the bile?

On iPhones, of course. Le plat du jour.

I love my MacBook. I will buy me the MacBook Pro, when i save me the money. 

But iPhones?  58 years old, Internet phobic, email printing, blinders wearing grey men have been seen sliding the unlock bar, using the touch screen scroll, and pudgy fingering their way to make a call.  Or drop one. 

That, does not make an aspirational picture.

Platinum blondes with fake nails have been seen glazing on the iPhone screens with bored expressions.

Again, with the fake nails, not a club I want to be a member of.

People who will never get their heads wrapped around using OSX, now feel one with the "I'm a PC/I'm a Mac" commercials.  What irks me most is all those PowerPoint presentations on "innovation" with at least one slide on the iPhone - beaming like they've had an epic thought.  Makes me iPhobic. 

Then I chanced upon a lady who nonchalantly waved her arm and proclaimed - I don't do iPhones - and strutted away.

It was a sign.

Here's to being a no-iPhone snob.  And here's to not democratising iconicity.