Monday, March 12, 2007

my grandfather at 91

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One wedding, parents and a holiday

Ready, get, set...

...and go!

half way up!

almost there!

and this is how we pluck those coconuts!

a sunny afternoon well spent

coconut and bread & jam in the backwaters

moulded snake skin at tiger prawn farm

contemplating the Trivandrum beach (Indian Ocean is it?)

thru' the village backwaters near kollam

making of a boat

more of making of a boat

by the tiger prawn farm

fresh coconuts in exotic india

end of day's work

outside a temple

age is thy name

a girl falls down

girl in red, at the beach

school girls play around

3 men and an anchor

boys at alleppey beach

metal on the beach

pandit on the beach

all dressed up

my mom wants this picture deleted

pretty red boat

mom in morning light

mom reading Wired in a houseboat in kerala

sunset at vembanad lake

anchoring the houseboat

man, after his day's work

the sun's behind the palm trees

windows on the houseboat

and life goes on...

god's own country continues

off to work...

on a pretty red boat again...
sailor with an umberella - Vembanad lake

watching the world like a tv?

god's own country - part 1

could life get better?

some bit o' hard work

ghosts of dead trees at Periyar lake

sambhar bones!

tired of rowing

light & shadow at Periyar office

light & shadow at periyar office with a human element

contemplating the tuskar

bamboo rafts at periyar lake

periyar lake

monkey and the man

athirapally falls

school kids at the athirapally falls

monkey & the mango

my brother behind a jaali

my brother behind a jaali again