Friday, June 22, 2007

Networking Issues

Once upon a time…

…a headhunter/placement agent called me and asked me if I’m interested in working for one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the country.

Sure, why not. Is what any regular, reasonably ambitious individual would say.

I don’t know about being regular or ambitious – but I thought to myself, this don’t sound bad, so let’s give it a try.

So phone calls are made, resumes are emailed, and finally an interview is set up. No ordinary interview, this is video conferencing, if you please. I’m in Delhi, the job’s in Bombay – but work needs to get done and since we’re in the business of communications in an era where broadband is the buzz word – a video conference-d interview is as easy as saying, say…, Reliance Web World.

Ah, while technology doesn’t fail you always, companies & people often do.

I arrived that the agreed cyber café, 15 minutes before time and waited in the conference room. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes went by but our esteemed and fast growing company did not call. Video, phone or text. No communication. No noise. Nothing. Nada.

So, that’s 2 hours of my life over. Time I will never get back. I’d like this company to apologise for wasting my time. It’s going to be 24 hours now, not a peep from them. Did I mention they’re the largest, fastest growing media entertainment communications company in the country today?

C’mon folks – your website says – …we have no greater asset than the quality of our intellectual capital…we recognise the critical role that our people play in the success and growth of each of our businesses’

‘Our transparent HR policies and robust processes are driven by a single overarching objective: To attract, nurture, grow and retain the best leadership talent in every sector and industry is which we operate.’

Sounds pretty much hollow to me. The company can’t even be bothered to ensure that an interview gets conducted, and if for some reason if it doesn’t, no one communicates that to the candidate. We’re one of the largest companies in India. We don’t care two hoots about being professional. So what if an inconsequential middle management being spent a couple of hours waiting for us to call her.

And this will continue to be the problem with Indian family grown businesses. No respect for other people.

Anyways, life goes on. But like I told the headhunter (who I must add was very apologetic and understanding) to tell these big folks, I’m not interested in taking this interview ever again. And by the way, I’m done buying any of Reliance ADAG products & services. Thoda communication problem hai.


meraj said...

good thing you brought this the last fornight, ive experienced irritating shortcomings of these big brands:

- weekender trousers getting torn at the two back pockets exactly after 2 hours of wearing it (talk about superfast wear and tear). the fact that the good company let me have another pair instead of it is the good part of it.

- the retail revolution etc big bazaar, me and my parents were made to wait for half an hour at the counter, just because the dork behind the counter was new and didnt know how to handle the entries and totalling on the the time the samrt guy came and re-eneterd the recordings, our precious 45 mins had gone.

- Life is Good: my newly married siste and her husband picked up a microwave from LG to disocver that it was a flawed one...vijay sales took 4 days to replace it

- Its a Sony: Sony service center repaired the two defects in my music system to return it with a completely new problem.

so its not just family run business...its any company and any business in India. it will take a very long time for them to reach the levels of efficiency, precision and delivery which they keep talking about in media.

Two With Nature said...

yep - i know exactly what you're talking about. i've had issues with almost all the big companies - they'll spend carton loads of money on branding & paying big bucks to their brand ambassadors, but not enough time & thought on getting their products & services right.

phish said...

the problem exists and will only get magnified over the next few years. i can quote numerous examples like the ones meraj has above - the frustration levels are hitting the roof. and there is no one who is really interested.

how about a revolution?

Anonymous said...

happens all the time all over the world , not just in india

Anonymous said...

by the way that was me - and nice blog :-)

Two With Nature said...

hey phish - thanks for dropping by. and a revolution - yeah you bet - i'm all for it.

anonymous - danke! and who be you?!