Monday, June 18, 2007

eat the menu

It all started with Blueberries.

He meant blackberry. Except that he can never get it right. Every time he has to say blackberry – as in the telecom service – he says blueberry. He’s always thinking of the blueberry muffin. Which is obviously more delicious & haunting than emails on your cell phone.

While the evening progresses towards a spot or three pegs of a preferred liquor, with diet mixers of course, the highlight essentially is Seekh Kebabs with Rumali Roti. Succulent kebabs that melted in my mouth. Accompanied with kachha pyaaz that have chaat masala sprinkled on. What a lip smacking idea, indigenous only to the food devoted Punjabi kinsfolk. At the corner end of the room, three strapping young Punjabi men order their chicken, kaali daal and lots of it. To be washed down with ThumsUp. Ah. A reviving sight, if there ever was.
It took me 6 seconds to take the picture. And it took the hearty young men 3 seconds to empty their TU bottles to 3/4th. Why don’t we see more of ThumsUp?

And then to the reason we’re there. It’s 11.30 in the night and there’s a queue. It’s not a hip lounge we’re trying to enter. Right at the corner below a well-known restaurant, street vendor Sonu sells the most amazing kulfi ever. Kulfi. With Falooda. And a dash Khewda. But there’s only a couple more left & we beg him – all the way from Bombay – please – just one plate. Luckily we manage to get 2 plates, I was loathe to sharing my kulfi. Sonu sells about 250 plates of kulfi a day. At 40 bucks a piece, that’s 10,000 bucks a night. I think I’d like to become his franchisee – opposed as I am to chains, this one I’d like to be a part of.

And now for some paan. Delicious, meetha paan, that can bring colour to a rotten day and make a first class evening perfect. Tonight was an encore to wrap up a memorable concert.

Nothing comes close to a great meal with an old friend. That’s another tally mark for the good times.


meraj said...

though am not much of a foodman, but lets do this over a few drinks, one of these days...wotsay?
cheers! (already)