Monday, November 05, 2007


i wish i could do this. all i can do is 500 regular skips. and not in a row - about 100 at a time.

why aren't there more folks in india doing this? why are we such a lazy country?

i hate to ask rhetorical questions - but we are. walk down on marine drive - and you'll see children walking, 30 year olds sitting and everybody's eating. there'll be one odd soul running, you'll hardly see any one cycling. just lots of big cars and bigger arses hogging the tiny strip of island. looks like SRK would end up being an idol here too. sigh...

people - get moving!


meraj said...

the video is a trip (saw it without the audio, though).

somehow i never figured out the skipping rope-trick. my sister tried teaching me several times but my legs always used to get entangled in the rope. but, i do my health bit with one hour of yoga everyday.