Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Desi Othello versus Watchamaycallit (better known as KANK?)

Both movies last well over two and a half hours. But by the end of KANK, you’re pulling your hair out. Or if you’re like me – walk out of the movie mid way even though some one else paid for it.

SRK’s every twitch gets magnified and slo-mo-ed putting every saans-bahu soap worth it’s salt on national television to shame. And what’s with Rani? Why does one end up being frustrated by her instead of empathizing? And Karan, if this is what growing up does to you…sigh…please don’t attempt any more ‘bold’ movies?

KANK – insults your intelligence. Where’s the struggle? Where’s the conundrum of an extra-martial affair? The easiest thing in the world is to hate a relationship and look for some gratification external to it – subconsciously or otherwise. But to be torn between relationships, to be able to be honest to one (self) and admit loving candidly two people completely and be unable to leave or let go…well – try that as food for thought Mr Johar. And please…would some one respect my time? If not my money? Oh wait – that was a free ticket. Yet I couldn’t sit through all of it.

Omkara, on the other hand - ‘tanik lambi, magar badiya hai’. Shakespeare is never easy to do – there’s 400 years of history to compete with. But so far as adaptations go, this one is not a tragedy. Desdemona (Dolly – Kareena) & Cassio (Keso – Viveik) are admittedly wet blankets, but Iago (Langda Tyagi – Saif) carries the movie on his shoulders. His is a subtle, virtuoso performance – filled with refined, sinful acerbity. Omkara (Othello – Ajay), well, as it happens Saif steals his thunder.But what I enjoyed most about O – the rustic profanity – slipping out of people’s mouths like beer in Munich! And Konkona has some gems – ‘hansi badi mehengi ho gaye hai duniya mein’.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Two With Nature

So I begin this today. How long will it be alive - I do not know.

Does it need a momentus ocassion to be able to do this? A mahurat? An agenda? A deep knowledge? A higher IQ? A sense of lonliness?