Wednesday, August 19, 2009

iPod Swapping

A week of quarantine can make you start to despise your playlist.

Really, I mean H-A-T-E the bloody playlist.

It dawns upon you; for eons your music taste is stagnating. That you might be tripping through life with no inkling of what else might lie beyond the 8 gigs of your tiny black iPod.

So it got me wondering, is there anybody out there…?

…willing to swap iPods?

Think about it, we swap books, DVDs, recipes, travel stories all the time. Some of us even swap wives, or partners as it were, the more avant-garde European way of life, (heck, who am I to judge. Try everything once at least, I say).

That being so, why not iPods, replete avec playlist? Borrow it for a week, 2 weeks, maybe. Ask a friend to begin with. Be more adventurous, ask a cute stranger. Can you think of a more original way to break ice? There you go.

Every number you hear is unexpected. Almost like stepping into someone else’s shoes; like role playing even.

If music be the food of life, who knows how this totally unexpected, fresh diet will smack on you? A different swing in your step? New music, new feelings, a new cup of wine?

The world, here, can truly be your oyster. Or iPod for that matter.

Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Im in :)!

Anonymous said...

and Im Pepper ... little pepper ... im just around the corner with my purple IPOD :)

eurobiwi said...

i agree, im all for borrowed/swapped/politely seized/temporarily abducted goods. something mysterious and extremely cool about it.

im glad u brought it up before we meet shortly ;)

bit said...

Let's ipod swap in oktober when you come visit. Also, I have subscribed to your blog feed, so now you can post more frequently :)