Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It smells like cookies

It smells like cookies.

What does? Other than cookies themselves, of course.

For starters, poo.

Yup. Six month old babies, their poo smells like cookies.

Don’t believe me? Well, you don’t have to; after all I’ve no proof, other than my meandering experience of hosting moms with six-month-old babies. They say so. And no, they’re not smoking anything they shouldn’t be while they’re breast-feeding. In fact the only one indulging in any form of intoxication was the glass bottle. It had been marinating in wine way too long.  Need to take the wine out of the bottle. 

By the way, did I tell you about the time when my penne had more alcohol than my glass of red wine.  I know I’m digressing, but it’s a story worth telling. As soon as I can recall more details about that night. Eventually, I guess.  But it did involve a lot of trampoline related activity at about 2 AM at the Lausanne Carnival.

So, coming back to my original announcement relating to aromas of the unmentionable necessities.  A fair number of young moms swear by it – since young babies only consume milk, their poo smells like, yes, you know now, cookies.  But as kids grow up, their daily aliment extends beyond this rich white fluid, and from then on, poo starts to smell like crap.

That for some reason sounds like the beginning of the end.

But I’d like this to be a more blithe-ish post. After a very long time, is the keyboard talking to me.  Teasing me, even. Words come in cascades but thoughts don’t seem to add up. In the last four months, my stabs at populating my blog resulted in – nada. Rien. Nothing that was remotely close to smelling like a six-month-old baby’s poo.

Consequently I banter comme ├ža today. Parce que je peux. I need to break this clot.

I need, ever so much, food for thought.



Anonymous said...

Arti, it is admirable that you finally took the courage to talk about a subject that was so close to our hearts during our time together at the school: u r closing the circle (hopefully it is not a loop)

perigos said...

still waiting to hear about the penne....