Monday, January 21, 2008

Warmly Welcome to the Delegation of ESMT

We meet. We talk. We’re all dressed in business suits. We all look nice.

31 of us. 15 different nationalities. Average age of 30.5 years. Average work experience of 6.5 years.

There. We’re done with the statistics of it. We’ve even gone through the fun and formality of introducing ourselves. But as the Dean gives his opening speech and raises a toast to the class of 2008, we look ahead and afar – some searching, some in anticipation, all wondering in some way or the other – how this year will turn out. A few of us will find friends where we never expected do, while some, even in a small group like ours, may remain strangers.

For me, this year might just make me push my limits more than I ordinarily do. Low temperatures, open spaces and no crowds I am not used to. A whole year away from friends, family, ostensible work responsibilities, people I love, people who love me – it is inevitably a year of freedom. A year to experience and live. May be learn some.

Maybe I will learn to cook me a meal, or maybe I will just learn to survive on really cold fresh air (any love? uh oh) and 3.5% fett Vollmilch. Eitherways – I think this year will make an impact on our lives. On 31 lives, if you will.


Anonymous said...

May you find things to learn, a good bit to question, some to reaffirm and lots to enjoy.

As you move forward, may you find the strength to go on, the wisdom to take a step back sometimes, the time to reflect upon what you see, and opportunities to make friends.

May you discover insights within.

May you sight a dream to pursue and the confidence to chase it.

May you find the chase to have been worth it at the end.

All the best to you!